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About Us

Fast Claim PPI is a trading name of Slater Gordon Solutions Legal Limited. One of the fastest growing law firms in the UK and we are constantly updating and improving our processes to give our customers the very best level of service possible throughout the claim process.

If you’re thinking about reclaiming funds from a mis-sold PPI policy, you’ll want to be sure that your PPI specialist knows what they’re talking about.

The group’s infrastructure and links with hundreds of top-tier solicitors’ firms means that we can offer you an unrivalled service. Always no-win, no-fee, no-risk.

QLS employ more than 200 staff at our offices in London and do not believe you will find a more efficient, specialist service if you are looking to reclaim money from a mis-sold PPI policy. The vast majority of our customers reclaim amounts in the region of thousands of pounds, and this year we negotiated an award of £55,000 for one satisfied claimant.